YMCA of Central Florida Swimming

YMCA of Central Florida Swimming (YCF Swimming) offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the prgram to offer age specific training for all of athletes to assist in pursuing individual goals in a team environment. YCF Swim League is the next step up from swim lessons. In this group we teach the basics of swim team: enhance stroke technique in all 4 competitive strokes; teach proper flip turns and racing starts; and how to use the pace clock, all in a fun and encouraging environment. YCF League participants are not required to register with USA swimming. They swim in Y-League meets with other Central Florida YMCA teams once a month during the school year, and in weekly dual meets in the summer. Visit the YCF Swimming website to learn more.

YCF Competitive Team (Dual registered USA Swimming & YMCA Swimming)

The YCF Swimming program is also an USA Swimming registered club competing in local, state and national competitions with USA Swimming and YMCA Swimming. Swimmers are placed in groups by age and ability and progress through development in times, endurance and skills. Swimmers learn to goal-set, work with peers, handle success and challenges all in a positive setting encourage by well trained coaches. Swimmers and families are encouraged to volunteer for aquatic events and community projects. 

YCF Swim League

The YMCA of Central Florida  Swim League has a specific summer league program and a school year program. The Summer league program enhances the skills and endurance of each swimmer in a TEAM atmosphere. There are weekly swim meets, team socials and lots of YMCA fun. The school year program encourages swimmers to stay in the water and improve technique and endurance. Clinics, swim meets and the YMCA State swim meet are available to each participant.

YCF Masters Swimming

Team Orlando Masters Inc. Swimming Team is a non-profit club registered by the Florida local Masters swim committee, which promotes competitive and fitness swimming for adults. The club serves as an umbrella organization for Masters Swimmers, open water swimmers, triathletes and fitness swimmers representing Orlando in competition both statewide and nationally. The mission of the club is to promote fitness and competitive swimming for adults in the Central Florida area. Visit the YCF Masters Swimming website to learn more.

YCF Diving

YCF Diving, a world class diving program in Orlando helping beginners to Olympic athletes achieve their best.  Diving teaches discipline, self confidence and teamwork.  Diving is a great alternative to traditional youth athletics. Come give us a try!

YCF Diving is a predominantly Junior Olympic and Pre-Team Lessons program. However, many collegiate aged divers return to train in the summers. The Junior Olympic (JO) divers are coached by two time Olympian Mark Ruiz and train five days per week for three hours per day. These divers are geared toward National and International level competition.

The Pre-Team Lessons program is coached by YCF Assistant Coach, “Coak K”. These divers practice 1-2 days per week and are geared toward local Novice and Intermediate competition with eventual graduation to Junior Olympic team diving.  Want to learn more? Sign up for a FREE lesson or visit the YCF Diving Website.

YMCA Central Florida Loreleis

A hybrid of swimming, gymnastics and ballet, synchronized swimming is a unique, competitive sport that is almost exclusively female. Although it looks effortless in the water, this Olympic event is much more than what appears on the surface. It demands strength, endurance, flexibility, grace and artistry, along with exceptional breath control.Competition consists of artistic impression and technical merit, and is scored similarly to ice skating.

Team Orlando Loreleis offers local athletes, ages 7 and older, an opportunity to learn about and compete in this beautiful sport. Competition is held on the local, national and international level. The team operates under the rules of Florida Synchronized Swimming Inc. (FSSI) which is a division of United States Synchronized Swimming Inc (USSS). But, athletes are welcome to take lessons with no requirement to compete.

Team Orlando Loreleis has had much success competing in Florida, South Zone and Nationally.Our swimmers have gone onto:

  • US Zone Championships
  • National Age Group Championships
  • Junior Olympic Championships
  • Senior US Nationals
  • Olympic Sports Festival

Girls who are interested in trying synchronized swimming only need a bathing suit and towel. No prior experience is necessary. If you love to dance, cheer or do gymnastics, this is a great sport for you. Contact us at 407-363-1911 for details.